Question: "What are the rates for your photography services?"

Answer: "Our rates vary according to timing, location, quantity of looks (wardrobe changes) and the overall concept and difficulty of the shoot. We try to get an idea of what our clients are looking to stay within regarding their budget and tailor a feasible package to their needs. The average individual photo shoot  client has a budget between $475 -$575 for  multiple looks and the rate  can increase based on the amount of high-end edits (retouched images) the client is looking to receive. We also offer mini-shoots for our clients looking for headshots with a quick turnaround. 

Question: "Do you only work with professional models?"

Answer: "Our clients range from first timers who have never had professional images taken, to seasoned models who are agency represented. We get booked by small start up companies looking to create a brand, to much larger companies in a multiplicity of industries."

Question: "Is a deposit required to book a shoot?"

Answer: "Yes. A 50% deposit/retainer is required to reserve the date and time for your shoot. At that point, a contract is drafted which clearly explains all of the details of the shoot. The client can pay the remaining balance of their shoot up to 24 hours before the shoot. With our clients booking our services for Wedding Photography, a non-refundable deposit/retainer of $500 is needed to reserve their date."

Question: "Do you have a makeup artist, hair stylist, designers, etc. that you work with in the studio?"

Answer: "Yes. We have a team of makeup artists who  are responsible for about 90% of the things that are shown in the portfolio.  Most people choose to utilize their own hair stylists, however we can refer very talented stylists to accommodate the needs of our clients if they wish. There are several clothing designers that we work closely with who can provide original wardrobe for shoots if needed." 

Question: "What if I want to have a photo shoot done, but don't have any modeling experience?"

Answer: Many of our clients come to us for their very first shoot. We do our very best to prepare thoroughly for shoots and discuss the official particulars of preparation like concepts, hair and makeup ideas, and what the client would like to achieve with their images overall. Some are looking to begin modeling portfolios and some may be looking to gift themselves with amazing images and memories. In any case, we work to make sure we are prepared to create a create experience and even greater images. I

Question: What is the best way to prepare for your first shoot?

Answer:  A professional photgrapher will give instruction; he or she can assist with ideas, posing and tell you if they think something is working or should be altered or shaped- but ultimately, a client coming prepared is essential to a successful shoot. A client arriving on time and prepared with ideas and what poses they like in their minds goes a long way. I always encourage clients to do some research for images that may inspire them. Images found on the web or in magazines are often shared with me ahead of time to get a better idea of what direction they may be looking to go in, and what they are inspired by. I try to work with them to know how they would like their makeup to look like, whethere they may want a clean look, or perhaps an edgy smokey eye. I ask for images or at least a detailed description of their outfit and share they information with my makeup team, so we can brainstorm ideas well ahead of time. And I also like to know what clients look like, and if they have any particular things that they may love or even dislike about their look and/or how they may photograph. I try to provide clients with the best experience possible while working with us. 

Question:  Am I allowed to bring someone with me? 

Answer:  We have no issues with clienst bringing a guest with them for their shoot. A guest can assist with taking nervous energy away, and can assist where needed. I would strongly suggest limiting the amount of people present for a shoot, as larger groups can distract, confuse and even frustrate a client who may already be trying their best to follow the photographer's instructions and enjoy their experience. 

Any additional questions can be sent directly to us at: contact@ronaldgray.com We will be happy to provide a prompt response. Do not hesitate to ask us anything! 




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